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Safety is a priority issue when managing our business.

We  conduct our business in order to minimize the risk. Taking measures to prevent and control the hazard accidents (although not being subjected to the Directive 96/82/EC). Analyzing in advance the risks related to the operations of the oil terminal, promoting safety and professional growth in the workforce and contractors, through training and information.

We have been equipped with the most advanced safety facilities that, with staff’s specific training and ongoing plants’ maintenance, ensure that port operations are managed with high safety standards.

safety equipment

In order to increase controls on ships in operation, we set up a Safety Survey service, in collaboration with the Coast Guard and delivered by RINA company. The purpose of the service is to make vessels’ access to the Porto Petroli more selective: vessels must comply with current Italian legislation and with international regulations (ISGOTT, MARPOL, etc.). Deviations are promptly disclosed.

In addition to the emergency crew, a fireman is available 24 Hrs a day to improve safety equipment efficiency and coordinate emergency staff.

 Regolamento PortoPetroli